Advantages of Listing Your Home in a Low-Inventory Market

Advantages of Listing Your Home in a Low-Inventory Market

Navigating the real estate market while planning to sell your home can be a balancing act. However, the current market landscape might be tilting in your favor due to the limited number of homes available for purchase.

Understanding the Current Housing Inventory Landscape
The principle of supply and demand is fundamental in any market. When an item is both sought-after and scarce, its value often increases. This is precisely the scenario unfolding in today's real estate market. The number of potential homebuyers exceeds the available homes listed for sale.

The chart below, sourced from, illustrates the stark difference in active listings this year compared to more conventional market years.

The comparison between the standard market years (represented by the blue bars) and this year's data (indicated by the red bar) underscores the significant inventory shortage.

How This Benefits Sellers
With limited options on the market, buyers are finding themselves in a competitive environment. This situation is advantageous for sellers for several reasons:

  • Homes that are competitively priced are moving off the market swiftly.
  • On average, sellers are receiving multiple bids for their properties.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Confidence Index:
    • 69% of homes were sold in under a month.
    • Homes, on average, received 2.6 offers.

Furthermore, a report from highlights the current market's pace, noting that homes are being sold approximately two weeks faster than the average rate observed from 2017 to 2019. This rapid turnover is attributed to the limited inventory prompting buyers to make swift decisions.

In Conclusion
The limited housing inventory presents a unique opportunity for sellers. With buyers eagerly searching for their next home, your property might be the perfect fit for them. Collaborating with a knowledgeable local real estate agent to list your home at a competitive price could lead to a swift sale and potentially multiple offers.


Article inspiration from Keep Current Matters


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